What are the key environmental factors impacting the case study?

What are the key environmental factors impacting the case study? | | 9. Why was this case worth investigating? How does it relate to the context that you know about? Can there be many benefits to looking into this? | | 10. What are some of the key points of interest you can find in the discussion? How can each person think about them in a variety of ways? How can you (as an individual) relate the key to your life or to your research/program/school/city/county/​species?| | 11. Imagine your answer to 1–10 = all the necessary elements for this story can be found and we are able to _tell_ them, and that this provides interesting opportunities based on the storyteller perspective. Help them to imagine what is _not_ enough for their stories. What might be necessary (or at least desirable) if a story teller was to go back in time or live this once again to get a better view? | # What research needs to be undertaken? It is a myth that anything can be done for free – something always needs to be done first before the research can start. A lot of effort will need to be applied in order to develop this one. The following research needs to be undertaken: * Interviews. * Interview materials. * Notes. * Interview notes. * Observations (or physical samples) ( _the observation of individuals will be beneficial for this investigation_ ). * Listening to interviews.

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Chapter 10 suggests having an outline of your research topic along these lines. In this section: * This points out what has to be done before you can start your research that would build on building a team of helpers. * The list is completed in the chapter titled ‘A week spent at the museum – the story to over here and is also found at the end of this section. A group may want to ask questions and discuss the following issues during its weekly meetings: * Should we inform ourselves before the research? Why or why not? * What kind of research do we need for the project / school? What can be provided? What ought to be provided? * Are there any additional expectations we can’t plan for? # We start here # Chapter 5 # Meetings with the Kids The meetings with the kids are aimed at sharing the project with them and finding out about the aspects of their lives that the video would really be trying to capture and describe. As the project progresses, we will all eventually run out of issues to share. You might have students who want to keep going, while others are fed up and might want to stop the project. The key factor involved in this project is talking with a lot of people about an interesting topic, and at various stages of the project. If you are constantly reaching out for opportunities to talk to people and are always asking for people’s help, then the time you get to meet people far outweighs the benefits of all the work you possibly could have done in one single week. Building up a level of excitement about the upcoming project is a fine balance. On the one hand you don’t want to annoy or put people off; on the other hand, some people won’t always be interested in every aspect of the topic. You need to check the’mood’ of the team. What you need to do is something like this: | **When you want to start the ‘talking about’ part of the project or the session, try out starting with one of the following:** | * Start by talking about something really technical. * Start with a question that is expected to elicit a quick answer.

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* Start with something that is easily explained in some detail. * Talk about how big a cultural achievement it wouldWhat are the key environmental factors impacting the case study? Please explain (with examples of key events, impacts, changes, issues) People is the most critical issues discussed in this case study. Due to the fact of the massive populations, this is a very relevant and critical issue. The main causes of these deforestation activities come from population growth (natural development and occupation) and development issues for businesses in the main islands (such as, demand for building materials which in turn require depleting the forests). One of the most significant issues in this case is the role ethnicity plays in the case. Indigenous people are becoming increasingly marginalized. The indigenous cultures from Yaku and other neighbouring regions are threatened because of poor relations with the authorities and population pressures. The people in this case have the power to stop the deforestation activities, however the indigenous people do not have the power to do so. How are these environmental and social drivers and pressures affecting the case study area and the people in it? What impact are these pressures having in terms of their social, economic and cultural well-being? Describe these impacts In Aceh, the effects are very significant to the indigenous cultural and religious values. The Indonesian government (under Suharto) was trying to change the Indonesians and, Indonesia as a Moslem-Hindu state. During the Suharto’s rule, the leaders of the Aceh Sultanate were arrested and he was forced to resign. The Suharto regime tried to destroy the traditional Acehnese values. The government also tried to change the traditional Acehnese cultural practices.

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They killed and banned the local customs of Acehnese in their traditional culture. This included, local practices such as bull jumping, fire walking, snake handling and penis grabbing. Traditional cultural practices where also banned by the Indonesian government. Even as a result of the Suharto regime to change local Islamic customs and cultures, indigenous people found life in a very difficult situation. Since the establishment of Aceh Freehold Development, the lifeWhat are the key environmental factors impacting the case study? Over the last two months, Mr Brown has begun putting forward proposals for the key policy areas he wants to pursue. He has proposed that public services, particularly the NHS and education system, would be funded 50-54 trillion pounds by 2020 in order to deal with the anticipated problems with housing, health and the environment. He wants to establish minimum standards of energy generation that require new developments to generate at least a quarter of power from renewables by 2025, though this is likely to rise to 30-33% now that he has made the proposals. In addition, Mr Brown is hoping to see a ban on plastic food packaging introduced and is focusing on a number of major interventions in order to protect future generations. How will these proposals impact the area of the case study? Mr Brown has come to realise that without a fundamental change many major problems will continue to lead to the problems that he wants to tackle, like poverty, health and pollution. Throughout the entire case he wants a major policy change that will change this. Mr Gove has made a huge difference in the area, especially to the economic sector. He has helped to set tougher rules and regulations on energy that has made it tougher for the oil companies to exploit the British energy reserves and the economic benefits this has had are clear. Mr Gove has also introduced more consumer protections which will be key to getting less waste produced.

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However, this area has not been targeted at government level but more indirectly through the changes in trade in the economy. Additionally, with his work in academies and schools he has moved the area somewhat forward, however, these academies and schools were not there to deal with big problems like energy when the government began. This means the government now needs to do something to the academy sector if they are to have any substantial impact in this area. Given this is the future for the UK and the case requires action, how will environmental issues play a part in the problem solving? Mr Brown is able to plan ahead and he is now forming his game plan. This game plan will ensure he has a change of set of policies in place for the UK, in order to play his role in the transition of the UK. Mr Brown has already stated that he intends to change the tax system in the UK and he is planning to announce further plans to give pensioners a better living and set minimum standards of living. He is likely to announce to make changes to the house tax or he may introduce energy charges, this will cause further economic problems as he will have to deal with increased electricity bills for heating as the energy companies increase to meet his targets and more homes will go empty. In addition there will be an increase in electricity bills from the effects of solar panels, wind turbines and better energy conservation measures. As the government will tackle this by increasing energy charges, he will be in an economically difficult situation to deal with when the inevitable rises inevitably occur. Moreover, energy conservation is going to have to be introduced as the UK gets warmer. In addition

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