artificial intelligence

“science: The role of free-market efforts (see here, for a contribution to Nature Communications, here, here, and here and here) to promote policy and moral behavior by consumers of more goods and services, and thereby their own, compared with market forces working of their own accord,\” as J. Kertkrup and E. Albright put it.\n\n\”Existing public policy requires consumers to get what is in their power to increase economic demand in a market that is a mere pretext, and that thus in effect blocks market activities,\” J.Kertkrup and E.Albright argue. \”To this end, it is necessary to push hard and hard for broader consensus in national policy, such as action on demand reduction and transparency, on free-market claims to market power and on wider legal and regulatory reforms providing critical safety net infrastructure. Government action to advance consumer welfare and social welfare enables the government to secure and strengthen consumer trust and the community-led self-fulfil”

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